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While working as a developer intern at Paddywagon Tours I fixed many bugs and developed new features to the admin system they used to have. The admin system is where they managed (maybe still manage) they whole business, including tours, drivers, buses, reports, etc.

The company also has some hostels (called Paddy’s Palace) around Ireland to be used by the tours’ clients and other travellers. During the time I was there, the hostels were managed using the HostelWorld affiliate program. The CEO wanted to get rid of the Hostel World commission rates and asked the dev team to create a module in the system to manage the hostels.

I designed and implemented the so-called palace module. The admin system and website were developed using PHP, MySQL and the CodeIgniter Web Framework, I used the same tech stack for the palace module.

The palace module was being tested when I left the company to start working at Guidewire. I don’t know if the module is being used now, the developer closer to me also left the company. To show a little bit of the work, I created a static page using HTML and JavaScript to organise the guests in rooms and beds of a hostel.

The static page can be accessed using the following link:

Tech Stack:
– JavaScript
– jQuery
– CodeIgniter