TV UFSC – Audience Measurement


TV UFSC is a digital terrestrial television in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina, Brazil. Brazil uses the ISDB-Tb standard that allows the broadcasters to send interactive applications to televiewers.
While working at TV UFSC I developed a client-server application to analyse the audience of the television. The client app runs on the viewer receiver and sends to the server how long it was connected to the channel. The server shows a chart which is used to analyse the audience and make inferences about the most popular times and programs.

The audience client app was written in Ginga-NCL (NCL and Lua).
The audience server app back-end was written in PHP and MySQL using CodeIgniter. The front-end was written in Javascript and HTML and used Google Charts.

I kept a good relationship with the managers and employees there, so they gave me part of the database to build this portfolio. The data goes from 2016 January to May.

English version:

Portuguese (original) version:

Tools and Technologies:
– CodeIgniter
– jQuery
– jQuery UI
– Google Charts