TV UFSC – Website


During 1 year working at the television network of the Federal University of Santa Catarina I developed a website, some tools and integrated the systems that the journalists were already using.


I used WordPress to build the TV UFSC website. The journalists wanted a good platform to post news and they were already using WordPress in other projects in the university.
The television network already had a website, developed in (poor) PHP and MySQL. I made a script to import the posts from the old website and taught the staff how WordPress pages work. I defined that the built-in page hierarchy would be used to organise the programs and their editions in the new website.
The website design (html and css) was done by a designer and I adapted and implemented it as a WordPress theme.

Together with the website, I created a whole new process to create and maintain the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and the functions implementer.

EPG (Electronic Program Guide):

The managers of the television were using a Google Spreadsheet to do the broadcast programming. The weeks, days and programs were organised as sheets, columns and cells, respectively. The sheets looked messy because the number of programs wasn’t exactly the same in each day, there could be programs starting at 9 AM, 11:30 AM and 4 PM on the same row but on different days.

To solve this I taught them how to use Google Calendar and defined the events as the programs to be broadcasted. Google Calendar is easy to use, it has many useful features to help with what they were doing with Google Spreadsheet, like repeating events (programs) weekly, daily or on weekends for example.

After they migrated all their programs to the Google Calendar shared between the managers, I created a page on the new website to make the program guide public. I used a WordPress plugin to retrieve the Google Calendar information and jQuery UI Tabs to create the page.

The program schedule information can be accessed here.

Integration with the broadcasting equipment

Together with the EPG, I integrated the new system with the digital television functions implementer. The functions implementer is an embedded system connected to the multiplexer (mux) in charge of generating the digital television data information (e.g. EPG and interactive content). The functions implementer uses XML to import and export EPG information. I developed a PHP script to get the programs information from Google Calendar and the WordPress website. The calendar stores the scheduling information and the website stores details about each program, like description and category.

The XML generated by the script can be accessed here.

Tools and Technologies:
jQuery UI
– Google Calendar